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When we spoke about what we wanted to do as a company, there were 5 things we identified as crucial for us to do our part for the Black Empowerment Movement. These five things we call “The Five Steps To Freedom Initiative” and are as follows;

1. Put Black Businesses First.
2. Disseminate Economic Education.
3. Normalize Group Economics.
4. Fight for Policy Advancements on behalf of the Black Community.
5. Normalize Inter-generational Rinse & Repeat of those four processes.

We are a magnificent and magical people full of many gifts, but we are lacking true investment in our people. The Woke Box will support and breathe new life into black owned businesses across the country. A dollar circulates in Asian communities for up to 28 days, in Jewish communities for nearly 20 days, in white communities for 17 days and in Hispanic communities for 7 days. Yet in the Black community a dollar circulates for only 6 hours. This is why our communities continue to be impoverished and under-invested in. we have to be the saviors we’ve been waiting for. We have to be willing to invest in ourselves and our people first.

Buying black, although more popular now can sometimes be hard. Questions like “where do you start?”, “Where do you go?” and “What products do you purchase?” are all questions we come across in trying to do so and that’s where we come in. We collect and test products that are strictly Black owned and curate a Monthly Boxes that features the best quality and effective products that come straight to your door. You get amazing products at a great discounted price and an exceptional buying black experience.

1. Put Black Businesses First.
The Woke Box is bred from the sense of urgency we all now feel when America and the rest of the world are shedding light on the exploitation of our race and the disenfranchisement we continue to endure. There is that feeling that tells us change is coming (some for the better and others for the worse) and we need to do something and we do it fast. Coin shortages will be the least of our problems as a community if we don’t first learn to cooperate and that is something we cannot sit aside and hope it pans out. What we came up with after a back and forth exchange of different ideas led to where we are now. It had to be a way to streamline our buying process while taking away the headache of finding good products. In the end we decided it should be a subscription box company for exclusively black products going straight into black homes monthly on schedule. This is not just a service but the first step in our “Five Steps To Freedom Initiative” which we also came up with during our brainstorm. What we imagine is a new sense of pride, Ease of access, professionalism and competitive pricing.

2. Disseminate Economic Education.
Through Woke University, which is also in the making, we will be moving on to the second step of our five step process. This will be an online learning platform for black people to learn (at a fraction of the price if any) from reputable teachers in the black community and will be given a certificate that is acceptable to all our participating black companies as a verified and trusted representation of someone’s competency to apply the skills they have learnt.

3. Normalize Group Economics.
Step three of the “Five Steps To Freedom Initiative” aims to set up channels and programs of direct support throughout our communities. This means streamlining our support processes to make them as easily executable and accessible as possible. One such program is erecting a group owned logistic company where each investor coming in, has to put at least the equivalent of the other members initial investment to buy their own shares into the company. However we will be allowing groups of people to come together under a private investment group banner (so long as they are all black) to curate the monies needed to make the investment. These points are strategic moves to ensure cooperation while building a much needed service platform to move black goods across America and the world. We will be teaching people how to set up these types of investment groups through the Woke University which will avoid conflicts and taxation issues. We will have caps for the amount of shares any individual or investment group can hold. Shares will be pulled from the majority owners stake in the company to make up the needed shares for new black investors with a mandatory investment option based on growth percentages. There will also be clauses of protection throughout the governing documents along with a board of directors comprised of state liaisons, a union and stake sold policies. The Governing documents will be unamendable after the first 50 investors exempt of some mandatory framework for longevity and protection. The board will look at these governing documents over every month, survey investors opinions, and make changes in the interest of the company equitably. This ensures there is no hostile takeovers or centralization of power for the present or future of the company. One such clause will prohibit the sale of any stakes to someone who is not identifiably black. Prejudice with proof will also be mandatory and irrevocable.

4. Fight for Policy Advancements on behalf of the Black Community.

With the success we anticipate for following the “Five Steps To Freedom Initiative”, We will then be pooling our economic resources to affect the needed changes in our communities. Political Policies that benefit the black community will be at the forefront of this step. We will keep tabs on all bills and laws being introduced while reviewing old laws and lobbying for the changes we collectively believe in. Zero land tax is one such place to start but we digress. With the right policies in place and the retention our investors vote for our political gain, We anticipate the future to be fruitful.

5. Normalize Inter-generational Rinse & Repeat of those four processes.

This is a simple process but perhaps the hardest to achieve. With the foundation set in the aforementioned steps however, we see no reason to expect anything but educated and progress driven decisions from individuals who despite differences will be poised to come to the best agreement for our continued success while executing steps one through five repeatedly and as frequently as possible.
If you are still reading then it makes us happy to know we did not have to include corny sales pitches to keep your attention. It also means for us that we are right in sending you this email but more importantly that you are ready to effect change with us in our lifetime, and do for ourselves what we can in our lifetime. We challenge you but in a good way, to forward this page to at least 3 contacts and subscribe to the Woke Box. If you have products and services you wish to include in our box please let us know through our Contact Us page. If you wish to subscribe leave a comment reply to this email. We hope this finds you in good health and motivation to fight for our god given rights. The Five Steps Movement is building Starting with The WOKE BOX and we hope to hear from you.

    Join The Movement

If you are ready to be hands on in progressing our peoples cause, we want to get to know more about your ambitions and how they align with The Five Steps (“The Five Steps To Freedom Initiative”) Movement

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A Positive Force In Black Communities

Our goal as a business is to do anything in our power to help make advancements for our people, thus these are the goals that we strive to accomplish through our services and your patronage.

“The Time Is Not Tomorrow. Absolutely not! Our Revolution Starts Today!” – John Wellth

the woke box exposure to new black owned businesses and products


To bring exposure to over 100 Black businesses in our first year of business.

the woke box black money stays in black communities

Group Economics

Aid the $ in staying in the Black community for longer than 6 hours.

the woke box supports up to 6 black businesses

Quality Products

Exposing families across the country to amazing Black products.

the woke box donates to black owned charities


Donate at least $1000 to Black centered charities by donating 5% of profits each year.

Commitment To Quality

We are committed to the cause of black people and the upliftment of our communities all while providing the best products, services and prices for the subscribers of our subscription box.

  • We have a rigorous process in our efforts to bring you great products and as a result, have vendors, who go above and beyond to meet your expectations.
  • We know that having good products means nothing without exceptional services and accessibility. Your experience is important to us and we try to exemplify that from our customer service to our website design. 
  • We have a quiz in our checkout that enables us to capture your personality in customizing your Woke Box to your liking. We are committed to only bringing you actual products you will use. 

The Founders

Sincere Houlder-White


Ricardo Jelani


John Wellth